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Thema des Blogs werden stadtgeschichtliche Forschungen am Beispiel der Garnisons- und ehemaligen Residenzstadt Neuburg an der Donau im 19. und 20. Jahrhundert sein. Untersucht werden sollen sämtliche Bereiche des städtischen Alltags. Zunächst soll der Fokus auf der Zeit des Ersten Weltkriegs liegen. Neben der Publikation von Forschungsergebnissen soll auf Veranstaltungen bzw. aktuelle Entwicklungen aufmerksam gemacht werden. Das Vorhaben wird getragen von unserer Arbeitsgruppe – ist aber offen für alle Interessenten, besonders solche aus lokalen und regionalen Kultur- und Bildungseinrichtungen.


   “In the tsunami of the First World War /World War I the Europe of the past drowned.” (H.-U. W) To a particular degree this also applies to the ‘provinces’: throughout the whole of seemingly ‘endless’ nineteenth century, Neuburg upon the Danube, this garrison town with a population of hardly 9,000 and former residence of dukes, was far off the roads on which global events occurred. But then, all of a sudden, (almost) everything changed: hopes and disillusionments, mobilisation and countless deaths, revolution and radicalisation brought forth deep-rooted and dramatic change(s); thus, the war of 1914 – 1918 marked not only the end of something but also the beginning of another “Thirty Years’ War“. The aim of this blog is to explain and illuminate – in as many facets as possible – what impact the First World War as a turning-point had on the history and development of our town. Another aim of this pilot scheme is to put historical events of that time into the wider context of the history of the 19th and 20th centuries. This forum will integrate not only discussion and source material („Neuburg Echolot“) but also information concerning current activities and (local) events (on the local level). It is maintained by our local team, but we also invite other people, especially those who work in cultural and educational institutions in the Neuburg area, to join in. Yet another aim of this blog is the exchange of ideas and materials with other groups and projects focussing on similar issues, both on a national and international level, at universities and beyond.